When I was in college, I knew that I wanted a training facility inside of an ice rink ... and even more so to work with the most elite hockey players in the world as a strength and conditioning coach in the NHL. 

"You can't do that.  You'll pigeon hole yourself and never make it." 


I still remember that meeting with my college advisor like it was yesterday.  Despite her words, I went all in.  I honed my craft, I gave it my best effort with the odds stacked against me and  15 years later, I have 2 facilities inside 2 different ice rinks and was a contracted Strength Coach for the Anaheim Ducks for 5 years.

That's what mettle means to me. 


Mettle is defined as: one's ability to cope well with difficulties or to face a demanding situation in a spirited and resilient way.

I believe that if I continue to work hard, do the right thing, and stay focused on my goals -- they can come true despite how "impossible" they may seem.  These are the lessons I hold true, and I speak these to each and every one of my clients during and after each session. It's not just about being bigger, stronger, faster, a professional athlete, or losing weight for someone else's viewing pleasure. It's about being a whole and complete person.


Here are my values and what I expect: 

Let's be CRISP...

  • Character. By being vulnerable and sharing challenges that we've faced and overcome we discuss expectations and model behavior that builds discipline, grit and character. Your character is the strength of your mind.  Character is doing the right thing, when you believe nobody is watching.  


  • Respect. Starts with you.  Model self respect by taking care of your mind and body.  Respect your mind and thoughts by practicing gratitude and expressing the things you're thankful for habitually.  Respect your body by the way you fuel and hydrate yourself.  When you respect yourself, you won't need to search for it from others.  Your actions of self respect will earn you the respect of others, and they will follow you for the right reasons, without you needing to ask for it. 

  • Integrity. Your word, your promise, and staying true to that is of the utmost importance.  Don't say or commit to something you don't plan to follow through with.  Have you had someone not be true to their word?  Do you want others to see you in this light?  In committing to a health and performance program, you're saying that your health goals are a priority.  We expect members of our tribe to live a life of integrity. 

  • Service. Nothing of significance was ever achieved by an individual acting alone.  The kindness, generosity and hard work of others, without expecting anything in return, will ultimately yield the most valuable crop.  When an individual helps someone in need, they feel good.  When someone receives unsolicited assistance, they experience gratitude...the healthiest of all emotions.  Both the doer of good deeds, and the beneficiary are the win every time.  There is no excuse for not helping others if you are able.  


  • Process. With a plan, a positive attitude and consistent marginal gains, great things can be achieved.  Many people quit due to lack of patience and discipline.  Without instant gratification, people become discouraged and fall off course.  We coach our clients to course correct, and focus on their why.  In every experience there is an opportunity to learn and grow.  With patience and persistence, great things can be achieved.


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